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      The Short

      We are a Unisex Independent Clothing and Apparel brand based out of London. 

      For every collection we collaborate with our favourite tattooers and designers from around the world. 


      The Long

      I was born in Auckland, New Zealand and didn't like school much. Well, I liked lunchtime I guess. 

      In class most of my time was spent doodling and working on perfecting the Billabong, Starter and Rip Curl logo. I was a pro at the 'Stussy S'. 

      When I was 14 I decided to start my first clothing brand. Creatively named Boogaloo. Taken from  the Beastie Boys lyrics.'It's never old school, all brand new, So everybody catch, the bugaloo flu.' I never knew what 'Boogaloo' meant but it sounded cool. The logo was a crude sketch of a hurricane and that was about as far as Boogaloo got.

      Almost 10 years later I moved to London and it was there I really started to get into tattoos. I visited conventions, trawled blogs and created a long list of my favourite artists. The big leap was made in 2016 and I started Flaash, combining my new love of traditional flash tattoos, and my lifelong passion of skate, surf and streetwear. 

      My artwork skills didn't develop much past the 'Stussy S', so I was lucky enough to collaborate with Jelle Soos for our very first design. Collaborations with Han Shinko, Earth to Monica, Josh Russell among others soon followed. Working with these guys that were on my 'Favourite Artists' list from years ago, was a such a massive honour and privilege and really set the foundation for the brand.

      I try my best to keep everything done and sourced locally. Most of our garments are Printed and Embroidered in London. A lot of sewing and packaging is done in our living room, but thankfully I no longer sleep with all the stock in my bedroom.

      We really try our best to source and supply really quality garments and our clothing is built to last. The latest goal is to cut down on plastic usage,  most of our orders are packaged in compostable and biodegradable bags. 

      As I mentioned earlier I didn't enjoy school much, so I hope this section all made sense! Thanks for reading and for all of your support.

      If you have any questions or queries, or just want to shoot the shit hit me up at