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      Volume 7 - Rianne Evans; Pushing, Pot Plants & Pizza Rolls

      Rianne not only has great fashion sense, she shreds. There's no two ways about it. If you don't follow her already go check out @rianneskate on Instagram and see for yourself. 

      We recently caught up with her to see how she navigated 2020 and of course chatted about my favourite subject, lunch.

      Where did you grow up and how would you describe it?


      I grew up in Bournemouth, right in the middle of the south coast. I have such mixed feelings on my hometown to be honest. I mean the skate scene here is quite small, but it’s always had such an amazing community. Everyone is like family; we really look after one another. Being a town rather than a city, Bournemouth doesn’t receive any attention from the UK skate scene, however, that has encouraged the locals to organise their own events and push the scene on their own. King of Kings (King of the road type event) for example has been going for a decade now and has in more recent years been a celebration of the life of a local shredder (RIP Nathan Heard). Away from the skate scene it’s a very conservative, not very multi cultural area where it seems most people’s aspirations are to look like a WAG. Thank god for the skate scene put it that way! 


      How did you get into skating? 


      I first when down the skate park in Bournemouth on rollerblades with my brother and soon realised everyone else was on skateboards. I remember watching his friends doing rock fakies and tail stalls and was just like ‘wow, I want to do that’. I actually stole/borrowed (hehe) my brothers friends board that he left at our house for months before I persuaded mother to get me one as an early birthday present. I spent every minute of that summer down the park. 


      What and Who inspires you?


      Skating wise, I get more inspired watching people I know than watching some pro video. There’s something about knowing what bag of tricks someone’s got and when they’re throwing themselves out of them comfort zone, which really gets me hyped. I much prefer watching English skateboarding or even European over the US because I find it way more relatable, crusty spots and all that. My biggest inspiration for skating has to come from Una Farrar, Breana Geering and Fabiana Delfino who are just the queens of skating really. Helena long too is always a huge inspiration, best personality and bag of tricks in the game. 


      What's your jam at the moment?


      I have such a varied taste in music. I’m talking, Biggie and Dre to Led Zeppelin to Sinatra. I just bought a record player though so I could listen to my mum’s old vinyl’s from when she was a teenager and I’ve found some absolute gems, it’s been nice finding a new way to enjoy music. I guess a look at my last played would be.. The Velvet Underground, Sade, Sam Cooke, Love, The Capitols,  Cat le bon, Fleetwood mac. 


      The Velvet Underground. Rianne's mum has impeccable taste in music. 


      What was for lunch and what would you rate it out of 10?

      I whipped up some home-made pizza swirls. I’ve been obsessed with them at the moment, as they’re so quick and easy to make and give you days of pizza snacking.. can’t go wrong. Basically just make some dough, top your pizza as usual, roll the whole thing up into a big sausage shape and cut into small sections (to create the swirl). 



      Just a photo I ripped from the internet of Pizza Scrolls. I have yet to see any of Rianne's, but have requested a delivery.



      Everyone can agree 2020 was a shit year for most, but what were the biggest positives for you? 


      I mean I was working through lockdown so it wasn’t as relaxing for me as it was for a lot of people but without being able to skate or chill down the pub I was forced to pick up some new hobbies to keep myself sane. I got really into gardening and houseplants, which is something I had wanted to do for ages as I was totally inspired by Dani G who runs @girlskateUK allotment Instagram (@plot.81 if anyone’s interested). It’s a hobby that has really brought me a lot of joy and I feel I’ve learnt a lot already, so I guess that’s a positive that has come out of it. 



      What's your favourite item in your wardrobe?


      Oh god, I have a big wardrobe haha. I mean there’s definitely a few nice skate brand jackets or jumpers that I would no doubt cry if I lost (yes I’m an over emotional woman). I have a particular jumper embroidered with a fisherman on it that was my granddads, passed down to my dad that I just absolutely love to pieces. Both my granddad and dad have passed now so I guess that’s why it means so much to me. 


      What's your favourite instagram account to follow?


      Is it bad if I just name meme accounts haha

      @Classicalshits – best meme account (always gets to me a good’n)

      @Girlshred – for all your girly shredding needs

      @Getlesta – of course, for some mad UK ripping.

      @plot.81 – Anyone interested in gardening



      Do you have a trick or line you're most proud of?


      I’m someone that is quite hard on them selves to be honest. So yeah I’ll be stoked on something I’ve landed, but I find it doesn’t last long before I’m like yeah but it could have been better haha. With the little amount of skating that’s going on with winter and lockdown I’m just happy to be getting out there, pushing. Bring on summer and normality. 


      A beaut boardslide. If you look closely you will see Rianne is wearing a pair of our socks. She confirmed that they definitely improved her skating ability.


      Lastly what are your goals for 2021?


      My goals before lockdown were to travel so I’m hoping I can get that done this year, fingers crossed. I also want to move city soon, possibly Bristol. I’ve applied for a job there so keeping my fingers crossed.


      So there we have it. Rianne's cooks, skates and grows plants better than me. BUT I have challenged her to a game of pool once lockdown lifts and then all bragging rights will be mine. 

      Make sure you give her a follow on insta @rianneskate  !!



      Volume 6 - Tunes To Fold T-Shirts To ~ 2020

      10 sleeps to go. Then, we're done. 2020 will be behind us. 
      I wish I that would spell the end of lockdowns, isolations and Zoom work drinks, but I'm afraid these will all be following us into 2021.
      It's been a shit year for everyone.
      One silver lining is that  2020 has been a far better year for music than I anticipated. Despite the lack of gigs, musicians continued to bring out slapping tunes which something I am mega grateful for.
      As I said this time last year, music keeps me sane whilst folding t-shirts. So, without further ado here is our Fuckeries album of the year and playlist of our standout tunes of 2020.
      RTJ4 was t he clear winner this year. A huge honour for Killer Mike and El-P to take home, I know they'll be super proud to win the Fuckeries Album of the Year.
      For me this album stood head and shoulders above the rest. Its arrival at the beginning of our first lockdown in the UK really helped me get through those first few weeks of isolation. It's just such a good album from start to finish. Killer Mike and El-P take on take on issues like police brutality and the damning political landscape effectively and still create banging tunes. 
      Despite RTJ4 being the clear winner, there were still a few other albums that I really bloody enjoyed this year. Sault not only delivered one fantastic album but two. Fontaines DC last years winner of the prestigious 'Fuckeries Album of the Year' almost backed it up with 'A Hero's Death'. I was also lucky enough to see them live in February and they certainly delivered. 
      Fontaines DC singer Grian Chatten
      I'm probably a bit more more in tune with British releases but man there were some goodies. Arlo Parks is fast becoming a Fuckeries favourite. Everything she releases is perfect. Tom Misch, Loyle Carner, and Ghostpoet carried the flag for chilled soul and hip hop. While Shame, Porridge Radio and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs ramped it up with sludgy rock classics. 


      Anyway that's enough of my rambling. See for yourself. Or listen for yourself. We've put together a playlist. 20 for 2020. Fold some laundry and crank it up. 



      Volume 5 - Jacks Watts, Tattoos For Your Enemies

      I was introduced to Jack's work 2 years ago by my good mate Baxter. He had recently been tattooed by Jack and when he rolled up his trouser leg I was blown away. Not only does Baxter have magnificent legs, but Jack's work was like nothing I'd seen before.
      The tattoo was of a smoking rat in a flasher trench coat. It was glorious.
      Straight away I hit up Jack to get tattooed and collaborate on designs for Flaash. Jack designed "Jack the Pooch' which can be found under all neck label tags and 'Calamity Jack' everybody's favourite Cowboy.
      Baxter's magnificent leg. Plus Jacks glorious tattoo
      Jack and I share a love of Tattoos and MMA, plus we both recently got married (To other people, not each other). So it made perfect sense to have a yarn and ask Jack some questions for Flaash Fuckeries.


      Where did you grow up and how would you describe it?

      I grew up just outside North London in a town not worth mentioning the name of haha the only part worth mentioning is Dave Vanian  (Singer of The Damned) was born there and used to drive a hearse about.


      How did you get into tattooing?

      I got my first tattoos from Martin Clark who learnt from legendary tattooist Lal Hardy. Over time we became friends and I started traveling around getting tattooed by other people like Chad Koeplinger, Deno and Nikki Balls etc mainly at conventions. One day Martin asked me to help out in the shop, from there i started working there as shop boy/desk boy. Being around Martin and hearing about the history of tattooing inspired me and i began to paint flash a lot. After 2.5 years of working there i began tattooing and the moniker ‘tattoos for your enemies’ was born. 


      Your style is so unique, what and who inspires you?

       My friend Matt Lodder once described it as traditional tattooing through a carnival mirror and I think thats the best description haha i’m a huge fan of tattoo history so some of the designs are referenced from old flash. But a lot of them are ideas reimagined from antiques, I look for reference everywhere really. I look at the reference briefly then draw it from memory that’s probably why it looks a bit warped!

      The 'Once You Pop You can't Stop' of the tattoo world.Very hard to just get one tattoo from Jack. Stack'em!!


      What's your jam at the moment?

      I’ve been listening a lot to Bob Vylans album ‘We Live Here’ which is super fresh sounding. Other than that, podcasts about cage fighting. 


      What was for lunch and what would you rate it out of 10?

      For lunch I had Tarka Daahl which was leftovers from last nights dinner. 8/10 id say, hard to rate your own cooking haha


      Everyone can agree 2020 has been a shit year for most, but what were the biggest positives for you? 

       It’s been challenging for sure but I’ve tried to make the most of the lockdowns and time off from tattooing. Me and Rosie managed to get married which was still incredibly special despite some hurdles.

      I painted lots of new designs and explored new ideas with them, including a new mental health sheet which was import to me to complete. I’ve tried to not fight something I can’t change too much, attempted to remain a positive mindset about the situation and see the best in it. 

      Jack has loads of PMA tattoos. This one is a belter.


      What's your favourite item in your wardrobe?

      I have a vintage blanket vest which is incredible its around 90 years old. 


      What's your favourite instagram account to follow?

      Smith St Tattoo, the greatest shop in the world. 

      Photos at Smith Street Tattoo Parlour - Carroll Gardens - Brooklyn, NYSmith St, Brooklyn NY. @smithstreettattooparlour. There is an awesome documentary on YouTube about them. Search for Tattoo Age - Dan Santoro

      Do you have a tattoo you're most proud of? ( Either one your've done or one you've got)

      Thats a hard question. The most special tattoo is my throat done by a master of Sak Yant tattooing from Thailand. It was the most spiritual tattoo experience I have ever had and the tattoo was applied freehand using the traditional method of hand poking with bamboo. It’s healed perfectly and I feel a special connection with it that’s different to the others. 

      An Example of Sak Yant


      Lastly what are your goals for the rest of the year and into 2021?

       Try to keep up a positive mindset carry that energy into 2021. Hopefully return to tattooing after lockdown 2.0 to work on some fun projects and continue ones i’ve already started. I feel very fortunate to have such amazing clients with great ideas, long may that continue! One day i want to be the guy who tattoos in the back of the ventriloquist doll shop, thats the dream. 


      You can find Jack at Sang Bleu London, once shops open back up and follow him on Insta @tattoosforyourenemies.


      Volume 4 - Bold Will Hold

      Well, that was a much longer hiatus than originally planned! The world is so weird at the minute but Flaash Fuckeries is back.

       2020 definitely has been a year of reflection for us, and like most has included many ups and downs. The ‘Zoom Pub Quiz’ kept us occupied for a while but then got stale real quick. Like Tesco cheese sandwich fast. So we gave up on quizzing and put our extra time into shaping the future of Flaash.

       When I first started Flaash my number 1 goal was to collaborate with my favourite tattoo artists and print those designs on to good quality tees. All along, the quality of the garments was just as important to me as the artists we were working with. As the range grew this was always something that was focused on

       There is a saying in tattoo world that ‘Bold Will Hold,’ this applies to the bold designs that are popular in the American Traditional style.  Big tough bold designs that haven’t changed since the 50s because they look awesome and age well.


      We apply this “Bold Will Hold’ idea to our garments. Heavy duty tees that don’t lose shape after one wash, Fleecy thick hoodies that stay warm for more than one winter. Slow fashion clothes that are built to last.

       The other goal we’re really working on is using eco friendly fabrics and being more aware of who is making our garments. The summer ‘Slow Down’ range features Organic Tees, Sweats and Totes. We’re now working with UK Manufacturers for our upcoming winter range and we continue to try and use less plastic in our packaging.

       I realise this all sounds a bit eco warrior, green washing mumbo jumbo but it is something we do take seriously. I hate nothing more than clothes that fall apart. So this is our pledge in writing. To continue to make good quality garms that are responsibly made and of course more collabs with fucking rad designers.

       Fuck Fast Fashion.

      Volume 3 - Tunes to Fold T-Shirts to ~ 2019

      With December upon us the joys of Christmas are here! Good food, good drinks, fancy lights and far too many hangovers.

      Yes, the hangovers are pretty bad, but there's something worse... Christmas music.

      My original post was supposed to be a collection of Christmas music that isn't cheesy and cringe. I searched high and low. Run DMC do a pretty good song, as do Motorhead and The Ramones. But to be honest they're all pretty bad. I couldn't do it. I failed. Christmas music blows. 



      We had to come up with a new mission. Thankfully this one was much easier. 

      2019 has been such a sweet year for music and I've hardly scratched the surface. But what I have discovered has been pretty damn good. Most of my evenings are spent folding and packing t-shirts. In order to keep me sane I need good music. So I've put together a little collection of my favourite releases of 2019.



      For me there were two standout albums this year. The biggest has got to be Tyler's IGOR.  I've thrashed this album since it was released. I can't even pick a favourite song from it, but the opening track is a killer. 

      While IGOR was the biggest, the best for me was Fontaines D.C and their debut album Dogrel. So many good tunes. Catchy, raw and powerful. I can only imagine how good these guys would be live. If I don't catch them next year I'll be pissed.



      Other favourite albums for folding t-shirts this year has been UK standouts from Slow Thai, Sleaford Mods, Little Sims, Michael Kiwanuka and Murder Capital. 

      So find our little playlist below and please let us know who we missed! AND if anyone can change my mind and name 3 really good Christmas songs there will be prize!